Daily Bulletin (10/14)

Happy Monday Sixers! This is your daily bulletin for October 14th.

Attention all club officers! Sewing Club is starting on sashes! If your club is interested in ordering, come by the sewing room Tuesdays and Thursdays after school at A-05 and let us know.  Order before the price goes up! See you there! 

Yearbooks are now on sale at the A-06 bank AND online at yearbookordercenter.com! Use our school code 6072 to order! Order now when the price is only $59, which is the cheapest price it’ll be in the entire year! What better way to look back at the year than buying a yearbook!

Want to get a chance for your photos to get into the yearbook? Well you can! Submit your photos at hjeshare.com using the code “sixers” to submit your photos today.

as barrack obama once famously put it, join stem plus! their meeting is today at lunch in K-35, so come by and learn  about paid internship opportunities, summer programs, and other gargantuan-brain extracurriculars!

Seniors, don’t miss being in the yearbook for your graduating year.  Call 408-298-7532 today to schedule your senior portrait appointment. Last day is October 19.

Hey Sixers!  October is College Awareness month.  Did you know that that Edgar Allan Poe grew up in the Bronx, not far from Fordham University in New York’s Rose Hill campus? Every Sunday at 11 a.m., the bells at the University Church would ring 11 times, and the bells are said to have inspired Poe’s poem, “The Bells.”

Hey Sixers! Want to know more about the Indian culture? Well, come on down to Desi Club’s first meeting of the year. It will be this Wednesday, October16th in  room C-408 ,during lunch. Bring your friends along! 

Do you want to make a website, a video game, or an app? Ever wanted to learn how to program? Never had the resources, time, or motivation? Computer Science Club is your perfect solution! We meet today from 3:15 – 4:30 PM in K-33, Mrs. Westlake’s room. Swing on by to learn the basics of multiple Computer Science languages, from HTML to Python and many more. No experience needed! See you there!

Do you want to learn to be a better writer? Write better stories? Essays? Or maybe you want to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons. Whatever your interest is, please come by to Writing Club on Wednesday D-308 during Lunch. We’re a community of writers that try to encourage everyone to express themselves through writing. Hope to see you there!

Hey Sixers! Our very own Track and field team is selling Breast Cancer awareness bracelets and pins, $2 each and $3 if you buy both! Buy it from any track and field athlete throughout the month of October. Help out the team and show support towards breast cancer awareness.

Key Club will be holding an Urban Tea fundraiser in front of the pool TODAY, after 6th and 7th period for only $5. The flavors include Melon Sensation and Flamingo Pink, both with toppings. Come grab a cup of refreshing tea before supplies run out. Hope to see you there!

The yearbook meeting today during lunch will be moved to A-commons today! Once again the yearbook meeting today will be in A-commons today! See y’all there!

IHS Connect!  What’s that? Connect Club  is where you can connect and bond with your peers around school with fun activities and food. Come join us for our first meeting of the year today during lunch in A-313! Hope to see you there!

Want to stay updated on activities but just miss the announcements? Look on the IHS Activities website for the daily bulletins everyday! That’s IHSActivities.com.

If you, your club, or even your sports team would like to share an announcement over the speakers OR ON THE IHS ACTIVITIES WEBSITE, email it to ihs.bulletins@gmail.com, again, I-H-S DOT BULLETINS WITH AN S @ GMAIL DOT COM.


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