Daily Bulletin (11/7)

Good morning! This is your daily bulletins for Thursday, November 7th, 2019!  

If you purchased a photo package in August, it is waiting for you at the school bank in A-06. Please pick-up your pictures today! Thanks

Next week on November 12th through November 15th will be Tabletop Gaming Club’s Cardfight Vanguard Tournament. The Entry fee will be $7 with a guaranteed booster pack upon entry. Those who are interested and want more details see any Tabletop Gaming Club Officer or visit Mr. Ho’s room in C-310. Sign ups end Monday on November 11th.

Want to stay updated on activities but just miss the announcements? Look on the IHS Activities website for the daily bulletins everyday! That’s IHSActivities.com.

If you, your club, or even your sports team would like to share an announcement over the speakers OR ON THE IHS ACTIVITIES WEBSITE, email it to ihs.bulletins@gmail.com, again, I-H-S DOT BULLETINS WITH AN S @ GMAIL DOT COM. 

Have a Fantastic Thursday Sixers!


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