IHS Weekly Bulletin (9/14)


Below is this week’s bulletin. Click through or read to stay updated on our activities and school news!


  1. Hey Sixers! Hope you are all doing okay during these dangerous times. Sadly, school isn’t back in session, but we do hope to capture its experience online as best as we can! Adding on to that, we would like to invite you to join Independence’s Dragon Summit Lion Dance Club! We are very open and excited to have more new members! Join to learn all about lion dancing culture and maybe even perform yourselves! More information can be attained through our instagram page at @ihs.ds.ldc !

2. MABUHAY SIXERS!!! The Mabuhay Bayanihan Club would like to invite you to our very first Zoom Dance Workshop for this year! Come and learn this awesome choreo made by our VERY OWN DC’s on September 16, 2020! We hope to see y’all there!!! 💞💞💞 If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us on our Instagram: [@ihsmabuhay] Hosted by: Brent Cantillas [@brntjc] & Joseph Deocares [@jddeocares] Flyer Credits: Kenneth Tran [@imkennethtran]

3. Hey sixers! Do you like to work with your hands and participate in competitions? How about building and driving remote-controlled cars? If this sounds like something that interests you, join RC hydrogen car club where you will be able to assemble hydrogen-powered RC cars and compete against other schools in racing competitions! The team is eagerly accepting new members! Registration forms are out on the club’s instagram page @ihs.rc.hydro. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YNME3Aqsft8zCrBbDznXMbW58yH6olWr/view?usp=sharing 

4. ROBLOX CLUB DAY(s) Event Date: 09/23/20-09/30/20 Signup Deadline: 09/19/20 (open to exceptions) Requirements: Must complete the club charter application and confirm club with ASB (Link here)

Hi Clubs! The Roblox Development Team (Instagram: @inde.roblox) and I would like to invite you to sign-up for a club day event on our Roblox IHS campus. Your club will be featured to all players and students for an entire month, starting September 23rd, and it will provide amazing opportunities for growing your membership. You will have a chance to be featured in a new way, possibly the best way during distance learning! If you are interested, fill out our form below! If you have any questions, feel free to contact inderoblox@gmail.com

5. Sixers Seniors…Check out our Etsy site for IHS Fun Apparel! https://www.etsy.com/shop/IHSFunApparel 


Did you miss the daily announcements? Not to fear! This semester we will be having weekly online announcements every Monday morning! These bulletins, which will be in both video and flyer format, will be shared through School Loop, our website, and our social media accounts (on the last slide). If you would like to submit an announcement to be shared, please use our Google Form at tinyurl.com/ihsweeklybulletins!

Stay safe and healthy Sixers!

Signing off as your (virtual) announcer,



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