IHS Weekly Bulletin (9/28)

Below is this week’s bulletin. Click through, read, or watch to stay updated on our activities and school news!

  1. Good Morning Sixers! Today we’re kicking off the October Break! Remember to take a breath this week while staying on top of any school assignments!
  1. Vote! If you’re 18 or older, take action and vote through mailed ballots or in person. If you’re 16 or 17, remember to preregister to vote, not only for the presidential election, but state and local elections too! Register at vote.gov!
  1. Even though we’re all at home, the Student Support Center is still open virtually for any of your mental health needs! All week, we’ll be sharing resources from the IHS Student Support Center on our social media pages and website! 
  1. The ASB Committee of Student Outreach, in collaboration with the Student Support Center presents IHS Week of Wellness! Today kicks off our new spirit week, which highlights the importance of self-care, self-love, and mental health awareness. Share what motivates you in life for Motivation Monday! Tomorrow is Mindfulness Tuesday, showcase the ways you take care of yourself! Share a social cause you advocate/are a part of for Social Awareness/Justice Day on Wednesday. This Reflection Thursday, reflect on your younger self by writing down things that would want your younger self to be proud of you today! Finishing things off is Friendship Friday! Share a picture of a friend or friends that helped you. Check out @ihsactivities for daily graphics, activities, and resources! We’ll be sharing our favorite submissions!
  1. Are you someone that identifies in the LGBTQ+ community? We have a support group for LGBTQ+ students! To sign up email Ms. Cohen (cohenl@esuhsd.org). Weekly meetings will be held on Wednesdays from 12:00 – 12:50pm via Zoom.
  1. Need someone to talk to? Feeling depressed? Experiencing Anxiety? Feeling isolated or are there problems at home? The Student Support Center is available for counseling sessions on Zoom or by phone. Email Ms. Leah at cohenl@esuhsd.org to book an appointment, and follow the Student Support Center on Instagram @sixersupportcenter https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HS3LzHBfEbTkqamhWddRhKf0cCYYgU1X/view 
  1. If you prefer support groups instead, the L.E.T.’s Talk gender-specific support group is here for you! Weekly meetings begin on Tuesday, October 6th, from 2:30-3:30pm. Contact Ms. Cohen in the Student Support Center (lcohen@esuhsd.org) for more information
  1. The Student “Quaranteen” Van will be visiting Foothill High School on Wednesdays and all services are free! No insurance needed! The mobile health center offers the following FREE health services, pause the video to read what’s offered! The Quaranteen Van are free medical services offered by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Visit scvmc.org for more details.
    1. List of things offered: 
      1. Pregnancy testing
      2. STD and HIV testing
      3. PreP and PEP for HIV prevention
      4. Reproductive Health services
      5. Mental Health counseling and referral
      6. Substance abuse counseling and referral
      7. Health Education and counseling: nutrition, smoking and sexuality
    2. Flyer
  1. And don’t forget, after the break, prepare your best look for Picture Day! Sophomores will take their photos on Wednesday, October 7th, Juniors will take their photos on Wednesday October 14th, and Seniors will take their photos on Wednesday October 21st! Check your school emails for a breakdown of the times by last name. 
  1. Are you a black student interested in joining the Ujima group where you can be involved in cultural presentations and discussions about black culture? Do you want to go on cool field trips, play games and be involved in tribal groups? Then join Ujima! We meet on Zoom on Wednesdays. Contact Zakia Houston at zakia@ujimaageny.org for more information and see the link to the flyer on this announcement.
  1. Sixers, though school is out for the week, we invite you to join our virtual experience through Roblox Independence High School. Stay connected to peers, explore the campus, and learn about the many support services we offer at Indy! Visit: Roblox Independence High School!
  1. Are you also interested in STEM activities and opportunities? Join IHS MESA club. MESA stands for math, engineering, science achievement. Our meetings are held every Friday at 2:30! We compete, use resources to prepare for college success, and build lasting friendships! Use this Zoom link tinyurl.com/ihsmesameeting with password MESA. And don’t forget to fill out our interest form at tinyurl.com/ihsmesa2020interest.
  1. City of San Jose’s District 4 Youth Advisory Council  is a group of 20-30 students, ages 13-20 who are active within Civic Engagement, Policy Making, Community Involvement, and forming your future! We plan District 4 Townhalls, Litter Pickups, and many bigger and exciting special events! Ready to be active in your district and city? Unsure whether you’re ready or not? Apply and you’ll see just how exciting or satisfying to be an active member of your city! The D4YAC application link is waiting for you at tinyurl.com/d4yac2021app
  1. And that wraps up this week’s edition of our weekly bulletins! Thanks for tuning in, and make sure you check the description for all the links we mentioned! To stay updated with school news, follow us on Instagram @indyactivities and Twitter @ihsactivites , and check out our website at ihsactivities.com !
  2. As always, our Google Form for bulletin submissions can be found at tinyurl.com/ihsweeklybulletins. And lastly, feel free to tell us if you enjoyed the video or would like to suggest any changes for next time! Hope you have a great rest of your break Sixers!

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