2024 Class Office Election

Presidential Candidate

Katelyn Le

hi hi! I’m katelyn but a lot of people also just know me by kate! I would say that I’m an extroverted introvert & passionate about the things I care about. Some of the hobbies that I really enjoy are volleyball, badminton, and dance. I also love to draw, paint, and make and sell jewelry 🙂 

Vice President Candidate

Alexis Buenaventura

My name is Alexis Buenaventura and I’m running for Senior Vice President. This past year in office taught me how to make better use of my qualities when facing challenges. I recognize the tasks this position comes with which I’ll apply this upcoming year. Please vote for me as your  VP! Thank you!

Secretary Candidates

Melany Pulido

Haii, my name is Melany Pulido, I’m running to be your class Secretary. From my past and current experience, I’m a good fit for this position. My creativeness, uniqueness, and hard work speak for themselves! I can’t wait to hear your ideas and make them come to life! Let’s make this a memorable YEAR.

Vincent Siquig

I’m the current secretary for the Chamber Music Club. Going back to school after the pandemic was intimidating but after being involved in many school activities, clubs and sports I’ve come out of my shell and I want to help improve our school as well as help other students that were in my position.

Treasurer Candidate

Keyra Aguilera

As your senior class treasurer I will do everything in my power to strategically manage our class funds and ensure we have a great prom and overall senior year. Vote Keyra!