2025 Class Office Election

Presidential Candidates

Kai Nhan

Hey Class of 25!! My name is Kai Nhan and I am running to be your 2023-2024 Junior Class President. Are you sad and alone and need someone to motivate you through your depressing Junior year? I will always be there for you as your President and will never let you down! I will be open to any feedback given to me and will never shoot down any of your ideas to help our class thrive as a whole. Make sure to VOTE KAI NHAN for CLASS PRESIDENT!!

Mikayla Manansala

Hey 25, your freshman prez is back! When I’m not with JV, my club team or managing boys volleyball, I lead shelterclub & bc2m, take pics 4 helpinghands & spend 2 much time on whap hw. 25 can thrive w/ my airband movie nights, officer vlogs, club calendar & more! MAKE IT HAPPEN WITH MIKA@mikaylarose.m!

Vice President Candidate

Hylam Le

HI SOPHOMORES!! I’m Hylam Le and I’m running to be Class of 25’s Vice President. You might recognize me as Gru or Buzz Lightyear. I’m on the golf and basketball team! I hope to make your Junior year memorable if I’m elected as Vice President. VOTE HYLAM LE FOR VICE PRESIDENT :p

Treasurer Candidate

Huero Rodas

Huero Bruce Rodas, is an Independence High School student and was the Sophomore Treasurer of 2025, aspiring for the role as next year’s Class of 2025 Junior’s Treasurer! Using his exceptional leadership skills, he hopes to improve the school, students, and community all together one step at a time.

Matteo Piazza

Hello! i’m matteo, looking to be apart of the CO to make this school year better than the last! born in Italy while raised in SJ, CA, i know everything that involves supporting my peers while being a good role model! with years of experience and much creativity, i will make our school year amazing!

Secretary Candidates

Nhi Nguyen

Hey y’all my name is Nhi and I am running for Junior class secretary! I am currently a dance coordinator for Korean Club and I am also a part of IDance. Outside of school, I like to play video games like Minecraft, Valorant, Sims4, and Roblox. I also like to draw, paint, listen to music, build legos, and sleep.