2026 Class Office Election

Presidential Candidate

Dorothy Ho

Hey sixers!! My name’s Dorothy Ho and I’m running for president.  After this term as vice, I plan to make the following year a lot better. Besides office and all, I love taking naps or listening to Keshi. I hope to work another term as your president, along with making memories! 😀

Melissa Nguyen

Hii everyone!! I’m Melissa Nguyen and I’m running for your 2023-2024 Class President! I’m an ENFJ that loves reading, dreaming of their own fantasy world, and a non-stop chatterbox! I also love Gracie Abrams, Mac Miller, and Harry Styles! If you ever pass by me don’t be afraid to say hi! 🙂

Vice President Candidate

Summer Dinh

Hi! My name is Summer Dinh and I am running to be CO’ 2026’s next vice president! In my past years I was my middle school’s president and the freshman AC! As I was AC I was also able to balance being on the cheer team, C.L.U.B, school work, and my own personal life. I want to use my voice to make IHS even better!

Bao Dang

HI SIXER! My name is Bao Dang, and I’m running for soph vice president. I have a sociable, delightful personality and love fangling over my interests, for example, screaming to Taylor Swift songs. I’m in multiple extracurriculars around school, such as Speech & Debate, Key, Model UN, and badminton.

Secretary Candidates 

Audrey Cruz

  My name is Audrey Cruz and I am a freshman here at Independence. I grew up in San Jose and attended Orchard Elementary for both elementary and middle school. I’m on Independence’s tennis team and I enjoy playing tennis in my free time.  I’m passionate about science and love to learn about it; especially biology.

Treasurer Candidate