Imagine this.

You’re sitting in the middle of the football field, the sun setting behind your back, as you watch each person of your graduating class walk across the stage. And it’s your turn. As you shake hands with someone you’ll never meet again, holding an empty folder, you look back at the expanse of fake green grass and fellow seniors and family and friends on the bleachers. You’re finally done!

But that’s the end of senior year. It might be you in a couple of years or the end of next semester, but we hope you’re headed there. In between now and that moment, there are years you have to fill with school rallies and spirit weeks, sports, club activities, and falling asleep in class without your dose of caffeine.

Every activity on campus can be found here on the IHS Activities page, and we hope that you take some of your free time to explore the diversity of our campus this year. Join a club or a sport, take a shot at class office. Whatever you do, don’t leave high school with regrets or sorrows.

Find your best you in your youth and grow as you go! See you around!

From the desk of Communications,

Michelle Tran