IHS German Club

Welcome to German Club!

Club day 2021

 German Club is a club that gathers people to celebrate and be immersed in German culture. Whether it is through food, music, or fun games, we are a group of passionate individuals that would like to share the fun of Deutsch culture with the rest of Independence High School who might otherwise not have any exposure to German (but if you are in any of the German classes, you might get extra credit for attending our events!). From our Kinoabends (movie nights) to our annual Schnitzelfest, you are sure to have a lot of Spaß by joining our beloved club.

Leadership Board 2021-2022

Co-Presidents: Alyssa Manto and Janessa Cadiz
Vice President: Andrea Vu
Co-Secretaries: Mason Khan and Jialin Jiang
Co-Treasurers: Nicholas Wang and Khanh Nguyen
Co-Media Coordinators: Joann Ha and Veronica Hong
Co-Events Coordinators: Viha Shah and Zenas Chang
Board Members: Jessa Racho, Deborah Cui, and Alicia Top