Welcome to Lights on Trafficking!

Lights on trafficking is an awareness club hoping to shed light on all the trafficking that happens throughout the world but even our areas included. We want to be able to raise awareness and show others it is more common than we all assume. We want to provide ways to spot a trafficked victim, how to prevent it from happening, what to do in situations, etc. We hope that with this club we can raise enough awareness and help maintain everyone’s safety!

Leadership Board 2021-2022

President: Sakura Nguyen
Vice President: Alieza Chua
Treasurer: Ally Broker
Secretary: Sophie Drueco 
Activities Directors: Brianna Nguyen and Kellen Chen
Media Team: Hannah Haferstroh and An Vu
Board Members: Tina Nguyen and Brayle Cera
Media Director: Sarah Chung