IHS Manava Club

Welcome to Manava!

Manava promotes and shares the cultural Hawaiian and Tahitian dance styles as well as educating participants origin and background of the dances of Hawaii and Tahiti. All are welcome, with and without experience!

Leadership Board 2021-2022

President: Christine Jane Guray 
@chrusteenn; guraychristineja4398@students.esuhsd.org
Vice Pres: Theriz Micarsos 
@therizmicarsos; micarsostherizma7805@students.esuhsd.org
Secretary: Jenna Messer
@Jemnesser;  messerjenna1687@students.esuhsd.org
Treasurer: Krisaleen Deocampo 
@kvd_21; deocampokrisalee4579@students.esuhsd.org