Welcome to MESA!

club day 2021

In MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement), we explore the STEM field and the competitions, activities, and opportunities available to us. We participate in various STEM-based competitions and create many different projects. We also explore opportunities for college and career readiness including attending special events, tutoring students, learning about College, connecting with industry professionals, and more! Our meetings are after school at 3:15pm every Friday in room M-54!

Leadership Board 2021-2022

Co-President: Suryabhan Mohapatra

Co-President: Andy Phung

Co-Vice President: Theresa Kodenkandeth

Co-Vice President: Nicholas Bui

Co-Secretaries: Cassie Ly
Co-Secretaries: Sheel Patel
Co-Treasurer: Valerie Doan

Co-Treasurer: Louie Cabrera