Mabuhay Bayanihan Club

Welcome to MBC!

Welcome to the official “Mabuhay Bayanihan Club” here at Independence High School! This community showcases the vibrant Filipino culture through traditional and hip-hop dancing, fun and collaborative bondings, and so much more!

In the Tagalog language, [Mabuhay] means “Welcome” or “Live,” and [Bayanihan] means “Community.” MBC was founded in 2003 by former IHS teacher, Ben Gonzales, who brought together one of the largest ethnic communities at this school. The club has participated at multiple school rallies (Welcome Back, Homecoming, Multicultural, etc.), other outside events, and has hosted an annual PCN (Pinoy Cultural Night) to celebrate and appreciate the Filipino culture.

In MBC, we welcome everyone with open arms and hope to make your experience with us truly an unforgettable one!