Daily Bulletins (10/28)


It finally feels like October, and it’s pretty spooky this week… let’s start this devilish Monday with your announcements for October 28th. 

Attention all club officers! Sewing Club is starting on sashes! If your club is interested in ordering, come by the sewing room Tuesdays and Thursdays after school at A-05 and let us know.  Order before the price goes up! See you there! 

CALLING ALL CLUBS! Want your club photo to be in the yearbook? Visit the IHS Activities website to sign up!

Yearbooks are now on sale at the A-06 bank AND online at yearbookordercenter.com! Use our school code 6072 to order! Order now when the price is only $59, which is the cheapest price it’ll be in the entire year! What better way to look back at the year than buying a yearbook!

Want to get a chance for your photos to get into the yearbook? Well you can! Submit your photos at hjeshare.com using the code “sixers” to submit your photos today!

Hey Sixers!  October is College Awareness month.  Did you know that twenty-nine percent of University of California graduates and 51% of California State University graduates started at a community college?  The transfer route is a great alternative and a money saving route to a four-year college!

Want to get in the Halloween spirit? Then come see Independence Theater’s production of Arsenic and Old Lace! Will one man be able to protect his insane family from the police, while at the same time balancing a relationship with his fiancée? Find out in this hilariously dark KILLER comedy. Performances are 10/25, 10/26, 11/1, and 11/2 at 7pm, and 10/30 at 4:30pm. Talk to a cast member or visit @ihstheater on instagram for more ticket information.

Have any wearable shoes just lain around? From now till Halloween, Step30 is accepting shoe donations for children in Uganda and Kenya. Giving these children shoes can protect them from fleas and parasites that can fatally infect them. For more information, check SchoolLoop news column.

German Club’s Novemberfest is this Friday after school in C-Commons!!! Get your tickets from any German club officer or German teacher for $5! They will be $6 at the door!

Hey kind humans! Acts of Random Kindness Club will be selling Pumpkin Pie Halloween grams for only $2 per slice. You’ll have the option to add whipped cream. Be sure to find any officer or board member in order to purchase one!

UNICEF and Key are collaborating to prevent and end MNT with the help of TOT boxes! Come to our next few meetings to pick up a box to help raise money against MNT! If you see an orange box in your teacher’s classroom, spare some change! The winning classroom will get a food party of their choice

Looking to join a club? Ready to learn more about human trafficking in order to raise awareness? Well now you can do both in Lights On Trafficking Club! Join our facebook page at IHS Lights on Trafficking! Meetings are every Wednesday in C-308, and the time to join is now!! Board apps are now officially open, so make sure to contact any officer to sign up! Deadline is Wednesday, November 13th!

Hey Pre-Med! BOO! Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means! Halloween Grams! Pre-Med will be selling cupcakes in the flavors of Buttercream or Burnt Almond. 1 Cupcake will be $3 and 2 Cupcakes will be only $5! Grams will come with a complimentary pre-med halloween sticker also! You can buy from any Pre-Med officer or visit K-34 and buy from Mr. Nguyen! Buying 1 cupcake will earn you half of an act and buying 2 will earn you a FULL ACT. Don’t miss out! (Don’t say Until next Wednesday)

Hey smarty Sixers! Did you know that there’s an SAT Club on campus to help you out? Come join SAT Club, where we review each section of the SAT and teach tips, tricks, and provide a helping hand with any academic problem you may run into. Meetings are Wednesday’s, during lunch in A-308. See you there!

Sweets Club is selling spooky Meringue Cookies for $3! 

Contact any Sweets Club member to pre-order!

HEY! JUNIORS AND FELLOW SIXERS! The Class of 2021 will be selling Halloween Grams! — starting today you can by your boo two delicious chocolate drizzled strawberry with a spooky card for only $2! Contact any class officer or DM us to order yours today!

Want to stay updated on activities but just miss the announcements? Look on the IHS Activities website for the daily bulletins everyday! That’s IHSActivities.com.

If you, your club, or even your sports team would like to share an announcement over the speakers OR ON THE IHS ACTIVITIES WEBSITE, email it to ihs.bulletins@gmail.com, again, I-H-S DOT BULLETINS WITH AN S @ GMAIL DOT COM. 

Have an Angelic Monday Sixers!


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